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A Call to Pastors

I have a tremendous amount of respect for pastors. Serving in pastoral ministry has provided me both great joy, and heartache. It is a difficult job in many ways, and often very isolating. My hope is that I may be … Continue reading

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A Call to Men, The Pulpit, and Domestic Violence

Last week I called pastors to engage in conversations concerning the epidemic of domestic violence by acknowledging the severity of the problem, recognizing our own blindness to the systemic nature of violence against women, and taking stands publicly. I was … Continue reading

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The Emotionally Destructive Marriage

The video of the webinar The Emotionally Destructive Marriage featuring myself  and Leslie Vernick is now available from RBC ministries. Here is the link:

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Ray Rice and a Pastor’s Response

This past week I have communicated with many pastors around the country who wanted my opinion on the situation involving Baltimore Raven Ray Rice and the despicable act of violence captured on the now infamous video. Overall the questions were … Continue reading

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On Turning the Other Cheek

Disclaimer: The following post is intended to address the phrase, “turn the other cheek” as used by some helpers and pastors to encourage victims of abuse to simply accept and endure hurt. My intention is not to prescribe specific means … Continue reading

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