Domestic Violence Awareness Month and New Videos Online

October is domestic violence awareness month and with it comes opportunities to expose our community, and churches to the realities of abuse and the services available to victims and perpetrators. I will personally be speaking and participating in several events this October and would appreciate your prayers.

This Week

If you are in the Iron Mountain area of Michigan I will be speaking at Redemption Hill Church in Kingsford this weekend and would love to meet you. More info can be found here:

If you live in the Charleston/Huntington area of West Virginia consider joining the Putnam County STOP team’s candle light service in Winfield at the Putnam County courthouse steps. More info can be found here:

New Videos

Leslie Vernick and I shot several videos together this summer answering some common questions. Leslie has released two of these videos. They can be found here:

Final Thought

There is still time to incorporate awareness into your local church’s ministries this October. Consider contacting your local shelter to see if they are hosting any events this month that you could attend, or if they have a specific need your church could meet like collecting shampoo, or other items. Prepare a piece for your church’s bulletin highlighting the severity of abuse in your community. Consider mentioning it from the pulpit and devoting a portion of service for prayer for victims. One of our local churches will be taking five minutes out of their services this month to give local service providers an opportunity to challenge the congregation. Perhaps you have a law enforcement officer or victim advocate in your church that would be willing to share. October is a great time to join the work, even in small ways.

What do you think?

What are some of the ways your church or community will be raising awareness this October?

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