Resource Recommendation

I’m going to try something new starting today. Many of you have requested resources for your pastors and ministry leaders. Years ago when I first began working in intervention and prevention I was amazed at how little I knew about domestic violence and even more so regarding how to help. Steven Tracy says that intimate partner violence is the most misunderstood and mismanaged issue in the church. Much of that misunderstanding and mismanagement comes from a lack of exposure, experience, and education. Pastors are not trained in the dynamics and impact of domestic violence and face a steep learning curve. Resources that speak to pastors and attempt to work with them in ministry are essential to seeing growth in this area. God has graciously allowed me to be connected with wonderful Christian leaders committed to reducing abuse in the church and to helpful resources that have encouraged and equipped me over the years. Each week I’ll recommend a couple resources that I’ve benefited from over the years. I’m asking you to consider these recommendations as possible resources for your pastor’s growth. No resource is perfect and not all will speak effectively to your pastor’s need but I’m hopeful something will be beneficial. Let me know what you think?

This week I’ll highlight two resources that I found early on in my work with perpetrators.

  1. The Rave Project: RAVE stands for Religion and Violence E-learning and is a collaborative work lead by Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark. This website has a ton of resources and can be a bit overwhelming. While I have benefited from nearly every section of the site I found the section titled “clergy resources” and the tab titled “online training” to be extremely helpful as I began my research.
  2. When Love Hurts by Our Daily Bread Ministries: While some may view this Day of Discovery Video series as incomplete or offer suggestions regarding how it could be better, I found it very helpful as a novice pastor trying to learn more. Not to mention that Our Daily Bread has been a trusted resource for many pastors over the years, ODB resources may have instant credibility with your pastor and therefore open the door for conversations.

Well, there are two suggestions. Let me know what you think. Would your pastor benefit from either of these resources. -Peace

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