Resource Recommendation 2

I know, I’m already behind on the blog. I am working on an interview project with some pastor friends who are changing the climate and approach to abuse in their churches. This is taking a little longer than I thought. Anyway, it should be fun. In the meantime here is part two in the recommendations series and I’ll post a video later in the week.

I love pastors, and the work they do is incredibly difficult. Because most pastors have little or no experience with abuse and violence I’m going to attempt and update the blog every week with a couple resources that I have found beneficial in my journey. I’m asking you to consider these recommendations as possible resources for your pastor’s growth. No resource is perfect and not all will speak effectively to your pastor’s need but I’m hopeful something will be beneficial. Let me know what you think?

This week I’ll highlight two resources that I regularly recommend.

  1. Focus Ministries: offers a wealth of resources designed to help the victim, and equip the church or ministry leader in understanding and responding to abuse. I routinely offer the Focus “Safety Plan” as rubric for churches developing resources and systems. It’s worth the time to look through the tools and resources they offer.
  2. Fooled by False Leadership: A sermon by Jason Meyer, Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. I’m not as entrenched in the same circles as most of my pastor friends. Most of them would generally classify themselves as reformed and for many of them Bethlehem Baptist Church carries a lot of weight. That is why I was thrilled to hear this message from Pastor Jason and have used it as a bridge to build discussion on the topic of abuse with them. Since then I’ve come to know Jason I can say I believe he is one who has genuine concern and passion to grow in understanding and to help his church grow in competence when ministering to victims and abusers. You can find this sermon here

Well, there are two more suggestions. Let me know what you think. Would your pastor benefit from either of these resources. -Peace

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