PeaceWorks Coaching Options

2016 is proving to be both challenging and exciting for our family and ministry. Among the challenges has been a ruptured ligament in my right wrist. It’s been a lingering injury that we’ve attempted to address over the past few months. This process has included wearing a cast, and then a splint, both of which make typing difficult. Unfortunately, the next step is a surgical option which will require several months of recovery. Therefore, I will be restructuring the blog by re-releasing past posts and updating you on new resources I’ve been working on.

Which brings me to the exciting news. Among the most common requests I receive is from pastors and leaders looking for advice and consulting on cases involving abusive and destructive behavior. Last fall I recorded several video lectures that I have incorporated into a series of online coaching options to help those churches and leaders. Here is a description of the PeaceWorks coaching options.

1. PeaceWorks U

This is the most basic option and a great place to start for any counselor or lay person that wants to know more about the dynamics and impact of domestic violence.

Course features:

  • Self-Study using online LMS
  • 7+ hours of video lecture
  • 4 free Ebooks
  • Various articles and handouts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Go at your own pace — no deadline to follow

2. PeaceWorks Coach

This option is designed for counselors or ministry leaders that would benefit from consistent support and collaboration.

Course features:

  • All of PeaceWorks U
  • 2 additional monthly videos (6 total)
    • one covering counseling strategy and practices
    • one covering homework
  • 1 Monthly webinar (3 total) with instruction and Q&A time
  • Membership in an exclusive online group forum
  • 12 week membership
  • LIMITED  to  25 people

3. PeaceWorks Church

This option is for the team of counselors that wish to help address the issue of domestic violence within their church and community as well as provide proper responses to abusers and victims.  This is a great starting point for establishing a new ministry in the local church.

Course features:

  • Up to 5 logins for PeaceWorks U
  • Monthly webinars geared specifically toward church teams
  • 2 additional monthly videos (6 total)
    • one covering counseling strategy and practices
    • one covering homework
  • Membership in an exclusive online group forum with other PW Church teams
  • 1 one-hour conference call per team at the end of the 12-week course
  • LIMITED to 10 groups

To learn more or to sign for any of the PeaceWorks options visit my website at

I’m currently offering a free lesson from PeaceWorks called The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children. You can take this lesson for free here

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One Response to PeaceWorks Coaching Options

  1. Joy Forrest says:

    I’m glad to see these much needed resources. Thanks Chris.

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