Rev. Chris Moles is an Ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and Senior Pastor of Grace Community Chapel (Eleanor, WV); Chris is a Certified Biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors; A certified group facilitator in domestic violence intervention and prevention; A faculty member with the West VirginiaCoalition against domestic violence state wide intervention training;  Chris holds a B.A. in Bible from Cedarville  College; and a M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Faith Bible Seminary(Lafayette, IN).







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  1. Erica Simone says:

    I am an ACBC counselor working with a woman who, with her children, left an abusive husband. The church is wanting them to come to counseling together to work things out. She is not ready. He promised he had changed before. I would like to suggest to her that she wait a year or even two while he goes through counseling and to see if he stays off drugs, can manage his money, can afford to support a family, and shows evidence of a heart change, etc. Am I on track with that?

    • Erica, yes I believe you are thinking through the right things. I’m not sure if I would put a time frame, unless he has a court order that the church should uphold. Otherwise, I would consider focusing concrete steps of accountablity, no matter how long they take. You mentioned being clean, financial responsibilty, individual counseling focused on the abusive nature of his behavior and heart. These are great peices, and I’m sure there are more, that could be fleshed out in a church restoration plan. His growth may take a year, or two or he may never change. Also the wife’s concerns must be heard throughout the process she knows her husband better than the pastoral team. I’d lobby very aggresively against marriage counseling. As you may know marriage counseling can be very dangerous in abusive situations. I wrote a previous peice here on marriage that may be helpful in thinking this through.


      Thanks for the work you do. In addition to this blog I’d recommend both Justin Holcomb’s work and Leslie Vernick as well, they are closly connected to the work of biblical counseling.

  2. Erica Simone says:

    Thank you, Chris! I so appreciate your insight. Even though I am not counseling the husband, your session at the ACBC Conference in February on Counseling Husbands Who are Abusive has also been something I have been thankful for in understanding the issue. You are filling a growing need for wisdom in this difficult problem!

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