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Pride: The Root of an Abusive Heart

Pride and arrogance are surely at work with in the heart of an abuser. Desires and prejudices are often elevated to the status of rights and entitlements. Pride is a killer both of the men wrapped in its deceit, and … Continue reading

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Deadline is Next Monday

As some of you know, I recorded a series of video lectures last fall and have assembled them into an online course along with articles, e-books, and more. In addition I’m hosting a coaching group featuring these materials along with … Continue reading

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Not a Marriage Problem

Not a Marriage Problem “I don’t see the harm in sitting down with the couple to get the whole story.” “That’s great Chris, but when can we begin marriage counseling?” “How long before they can move back in together?” These … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence: Not an anger problem.

“I was just so angry.” “I couldn’t help myself.” “I just snapped!” Words like these are common in the work I do with men who use violence in the home. Many of the men I have worked with will insist … Continue reading

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The Heart of Abuse

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23 In working with men who are abusive one difficulty I have encountered is the willingness of pastors and ministry leaders to accept any … Continue reading

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But what about Proverbs 18:17?

“In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.” Among the most common questions I receive from pastors and ministry leaders involves this simple verse. The concern is that so many of us who teach … Continue reading

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PeaceWorks Coaching Options

2016 is proving to be both challenging and exciting for our family and ministry. Among the challenges has been a ruptured ligament in my right wrist. It’s been a lingering injury that we’ve attempted to address over the past few months. This process … Continue reading

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